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Members of Middlewich Labour Group, including town councillors, rolled up their sleeves and did some much-needed hedge maintenance on Saturday 25th June, on a busy route for kids walking to school.

The alley way between Queen’s Drive and Coronation Road is a popular cut through for children and parents walking to Cledford Primary School, and had become almost impassable with overgrown hawthorn bushes.

Cllr Mike Hunter said, “I’ve received a number of complaints from residents and parents about this alley way, where kids have been quite badly hurt by the spiky hedge. Despite it being reported to Cheshire East, nothing was done. CEC Highways merely wrote to residents and ordered them to cut back the hedges themselves, which I think is disgraceful. Many of the residents are pensioners with limited mobility or means to pay for it to be done professionally.”

Cllr Hunter also raised a motion at the Town Council meeting on 27th June, asking that a meeting with Cheshire East Council be arranged as soon as possible, in order to clarify the borough council’s responsibilities and obligations.

“These particular bushes have traditionally been cut by the Cheshire East. I am taking this matter up with them, but we couldn’t wait for a slow, painful council resolution to this problem: a small team of Labour members decided just get on and cut the hedges. Our children are entitled to walk to school safely.”

Cllr David Williams, who also cut the hedges added, “This is just another example of the bullying that Middlewich has to put up with from Cheshire East. Whilst they are happy to impose waste centres on residents, and thousands of extra houses without a bypass, they are not prepared to look after our environment. It’s a disgrace that they don’t maintain public highways and expect residents to do it themselves.”











Mike Hunter, Jonathan Parry and David Williams