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Labour town councillor David Williams has made an official complaint about the town clerk following GHA Coaches entering administration, which has resulted in the loss of essential local bus services to schools and a hospital.

Cllr Williams said, “I am incensed by the way this has just been allowed to happen, at least in part due to the inaction of the town council. There has obviously been trouble brewing for a while with GHA, and it is only right and proper that we seek to address these issues, or provide contingency, before the point where things break down completely.

“I raised an urgent motion in December when the popular X20 service was axed, asking for a meeting to be arranged between the Middlewich and Winsford town councils, and Cheshire East and Cheshire West borough councils. This motion was unanimously passed by my fellow councillors and the onus then fell upon the town clerk to enact the wishes of the council.

“However, despite my chasing on numerous occasions – and being assured by the clerk it was ‘a priority’ – absolutely nothing was done. It even got to the point where I had to submit a Freedom of Information request to the council to find out how little had been achieved; a completely ludicrous situation.

“And unfortunately this level of inaction from the council is not an isolated incident. In my experience since becoming elected in May 2015, pretty much every motion passed has needed to be chased repeatedly via emails which are often ignored. And recently, the Chair has stopped councillors from seeking answers through Matters Arising at full town council meetings.

“For me personally, it affects my reputation because I have told residents I am seeking solutions in good faith through the council, but I am being let down. Obviously the real sufferers are residents, who see no improvements in their town, yet more problems and disruption to their day to day lives. I feel I’m left with no option but to take this course of action against the clerk.

“This failure to perform basic tasks has in this instance resulted in genuine worry and distress for residents, which in my view is completely unacceptable.”

Cllr Carol Bulman added, “I have personally been caught up in this mess. My husband uses the 42 to get to Leighton hospital. It’s bad enough going for outpatient treatments like chemotherapy, which makes you feel very ill, without having to worry about the cost and logistics of getting home afterwards.”