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The Labour candidate in the forthcoming Cledford by-election has called on his electoral rival to stand with him in opposition to a proposed housing development off Centurion Way, Middlewich.

Jonathan Parry said, “This would be yet another development in Middlewich that is unsustainable. I know that the Middlewich First councillors did not support us when we called for the eastern bypass to be completed ahead of any new developments, but I say to them now that it is not too late.”

The environmental screening application was supposed to be considered by Middlewich town council which met on Monday 18th July, however it was withdrawn by the chair due to limited detail being known at the time.

Cllr David Williams said, “I found it distinctly odd that the screening application for 500 houses plus a possible church and commercial buildings, was withdrawn due to lack of information. Exactly the same amount of information was known at the time the agenda was drawn up, so what was the point? It is clear that Middlewich First didn’t want to debate this application because they are in favour of it. They knew that Labour would once again call for the bypass to be completed first, and so decided to delay discussion until after the by-election, in which they are also standing.”

Mr Parry added, “While the town council has committed to 2000 extra houses imposed on us by Cheshire East, it’s not unreasonable to insist that the infrastructure of our town be improved in line with that growth. Apart from the woeful road network and dreadful road-surfaces, our primary and secondary school provision is now over-subscribed, and we have increasing pressure on our medical and dental provision. Now more than ever we need a united front, to protect Middlewich from any more unsustainable developments, so I say to Middlewich First, please oppose this development.”


The Cledford by-election will be held on Thursday 18th August 2016.