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Middlewich Labour councillors have lent their support to an idea from parent and park campaigner Gareth Williams, whose letter (which suggested the proposed new water feature should be a play-fountain rather than simply something to look at) was published in the Middlewich Guardian on 28th September 2016.

Gareth Williams said, "An ornamental fountain will attract teenagers who will climb on it and damage it; it will end up as yet another excuse to have a go at Middlewich young people, which is unfair. However, an aqua fountain would be by its very nature safe from those who play on it. Plus it would be unique in Cheshire East, and provide a positive reason to visit our town."

Father of two Mr Williams has previously campaigned for Fountain Fields to be upgraded, and for anti-social behaviour in the area to be brought under control, which he has raised at town council meetings on a number of occasions.

Cllr Mike Hunter, who was involved in upgrading the park 25 years ago said, "My first memories of Fountain Fields are paddling in the pool and playing on the roundabout, which were situated where the entrance to Wallcroft Gardens is now. So a new water feature which allows children to paddle would be a fantastic reminder of a time past.

"Middlewich Vision, and in particular Bev Cope, do a great job which is largely unseen. They definitely don't get the credit they deserve."


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