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The ANSA waste transfer station currently being built off Booth Lane is nearly £8 million over-budget according to Cheshire East Council’s figures.

The Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee, which sat on Thursday 15th June, heard how the project had already suffered “slippage” equating to £5.4 million, and that ANSA was now requesting an additional £2.4 million for “waste strategy implementation” due to ground contamination issues.

 Labour town councillor Mike Hunter, who until recently was a member of the resident’s liaison committee, said “I cannot believe that these figures have come as a surprise to anyone. Cheshire East has been told, in no uncertain terms, on many, many occasions, that the Cledford Lane location is completely unsuitable for a waste hub.

“No wonder ANSA didn’t want me on the liaison panel – they didn’t want us to know about the obscene waste of our council tax. ‘Waste Hub’ is exactly the right name, seeing as the site has turned into a landfill site for our money.”

Cllr Hunter was prevented from returning to his role on the liaison committee last month following the town council’s “laundry meeting.”

He continued, “I was asking too many questions and they didn’t like it. I am still waiting for answers from Cheshire East."